Edward Brown Staircases
designs and manufactures beautiful timber staircases in Sydney, Australia.
We specialise in designing, building  and installing staircases that will fit into your home and impart an air of quality and craftsmanship.
Our wide range of design options allows you to create any style of wooden staircase you desire from the heritage colonial styles to the modern wrought iron, stainless steel and glass styles.

The Monterey Collection
Our new range of pre-assembled kitset staircases are manufactured from solid timber and have been engineered for simple on-site installation.
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Staircase Design
Our design staff can help you to avoid many of the little surprises that occur when installing a staircases in your new or existing home.
With over 50 years of practical experience in designing and installing staircases we have faced most of the challenges that occur,  including:
   Insufficient floor space
   Insufficient height
    Stairs too wide
   Walls not square

These issues can lead to cost blowouts and installation delays.  They can also make the appearance of your finished staircase look out of place and awkward in its surroundings.



Staircase Planning Guide
To avoid many of the design issues that normally arise we recommend that you download and read the Staircase Planning Guide, click on the link below.

   Staircase Planning Guide
(Click to download - 556kb PDF)
    (3-5 minutes @ 56kbps )


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